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DbiDemoData3 Class Reference

#include <DbiDemoData3.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DbiDemoData3 ()
virtual ~DbiDemoData3 ()
Bool_t Compare (const DbiDemoData3 *that, Bool_t printDiff=true) const
virtual DbiTableRowCreateTableRow () const
virtual void Fill (DbiResultSet &rs, const DbiValidityRec *vrec)
void JunkFill ()
virtual void Store (DbiOutRowStream &ors, const DbiValidityRec *vrec) const
virtual std::string name () const
virtual size_t size () const
virtual Bool_t CanFixOrdering () const
virtual Bool_t CanL2Cache () const
virtual std::string GetExtraCondition () const
virtual Int_t GetAggregateNo () const
DbiResultGetOwner () const
virtual UInt_t GetIndex (UInt_t defIndex) const
void SetOwner (DbiResult *owner)
virtual bool CreateDatabaseTables (Int_t db_no=0, const char *tablename="default")
virtual std::string GetDatabaseLayout ()

Static Public Member Functions

static std::string GetTableDescr (const char *alternateName=0)
static UInt_t GetSeqNoDTF ()
static Context GetContextDTF ()
static ContextRange GetRangeDTF ()

Private Member Functions

 DbiDemoData3 (const DbiDemoData3 &from)

Private Attributes

Bool_t fBool_1
Bool_t fBool_2
Char_t fChar
std::string fString
std::string fChars
std::string fChars2
Short_t fSS_Tiny_1
Short_t fSS_Tiny_2
Short_t fSS_Tiny_3
Short_t fSS_Tiny_4
UShort_t fUU_Tiny_1
UShort_t fUU_Tiny_2
UShort_t fUU_Tiny_3
UShort_t fUU_Tiny_4
UShort_t fUS_Tiny_1
UShort_t fUS_Tiny_2
UShort_t fUS_Tiny_3
UShort_t fUS_Tiny_4
UShort_t fSS_Short_1
UShort_t fSS_Short_2
UShort_t fSS_Short_3
UShort_t fSS_Short_4
UShort_t fUU_Short_1
UShort_t fUU_Short_2
UShort_t fUU_Short_3
UShort_t fUU_Short_4
UShort_t fUS_Short_1
UShort_t fUS_Short_2
UShort_t fUS_Short_3
UShort_t fUS_Short_4
Int_t fSS_Int_1
Int_t fSS_Int_2
Int_t fSS_Int_3
Int_t fSS_Int_4
UInt_t fUS_Int_1
UInt_t fUS_Int_2
UInt_t fUS_Int_3
UInt_t fUS_Int_4
Float_t fFloat_1
Float_t fFloat_2
Double_t fDouble_1
Double_t fDouble_2

Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DbiDemoData3::DbiDemoData3 ( )
virtual DbiDemoData3::~DbiDemoData3 ( ) [inline, virtual]

Definition at line 43 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

{  };
DbiDemoData3::DbiDemoData3 ( const DbiDemoData3 from) [inline, private]

Definition at line 85 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

    : DbiTableRow(from) {  *this = from; }

Member Function Documentation

Bool_t DbiDemoData3::Compare ( const DbiDemoData3 that,
Bool_t  printDiff = true 
) const
virtual DbiTableRow* DbiDemoData3::CreateTableRow ( ) const [inline, virtual]

Implements DbiTableRow.

Definition at line 48 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

                                              return new DbiDemoData3; }
virtual void DbiDemoData3::Fill ( DbiResultSet rs,
const DbiValidityRec vrec 
) [virtual]

Implements DbiTableRow.

void DbiDemoData3::JunkFill ( )
virtual void DbiDemoData3::Store ( DbiOutRowStream ors,
const DbiValidityRec vrec 
) const [virtual]

Reimplemented from DbiTableRow.

static std::string DbiDemoData3::GetTableDescr ( const char *  alternateName = 0) [static]
static UInt_t DbiDemoData3::GetSeqNoDTF ( ) [inline, static]

Definition at line 65 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

{ return 999999990; }
static Context DbiDemoData3::GetContextDTF ( ) [inline, static]

Definition at line 66 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

          return Context(Site::kFar,
static ContextRange DbiDemoData3::GetRangeDTF ( ) [inline, static]

Definition at line 71 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

       Context context = DbiDemoData3::GetContextDTF();
       TimeStamp tsStart = context.GetTimeStamp();
       TimeStamp tsEnd(tsStart.GetSec() + 24*60*60);
       return ContextRange(context.GetSite(),

Member Data Documentation

Bool_t DbiDemoData3::fBool_1 [private]

Definition at line 102 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

Bool_t DbiDemoData3::fBool_2 [private]

Definition at line 103 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

Char_t DbiDemoData3::fChar [private]

Definition at line 104 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

std::string DbiDemoData3::fString [private]

Definition at line 105 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

std::string DbiDemoData3::fChars [private]

Definition at line 106 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

std::string DbiDemoData3::fChars2 [private]

Definition at line 107 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

Short_t DbiDemoData3::fSS_Tiny_1 [private]

Definition at line 108 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

Short_t DbiDemoData3::fSS_Tiny_2 [private]

Definition at line 109 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

Short_t DbiDemoData3::fSS_Tiny_3 [private]

Definition at line 110 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

Short_t DbiDemoData3::fSS_Tiny_4 [private]

Definition at line 111 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

UShort_t DbiDemoData3::fUU_Tiny_1 [private]

Definition at line 112 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

UShort_t DbiDemoData3::fUU_Tiny_2 [private]

Definition at line 113 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

UShort_t DbiDemoData3::fUU_Tiny_3 [private]

Definition at line 114 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

UShort_t DbiDemoData3::fUU_Tiny_4 [private]

Definition at line 115 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

UShort_t DbiDemoData3::fUS_Tiny_1 [private]

Definition at line 116 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

UShort_t DbiDemoData3::fUS_Tiny_2 [private]

Definition at line 117 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

UShort_t DbiDemoData3::fUS_Tiny_3 [private]

Definition at line 118 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

UShort_t DbiDemoData3::fUS_Tiny_4 [private]

Definition at line 119 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

UShort_t DbiDemoData3::fSS_Short_1 [private]

Definition at line 120 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

UShort_t DbiDemoData3::fSS_Short_2 [private]

Definition at line 121 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

UShort_t DbiDemoData3::fSS_Short_3 [private]

Definition at line 122 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

UShort_t DbiDemoData3::fSS_Short_4 [private]

Definition at line 123 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

UShort_t DbiDemoData3::fUU_Short_1 [private]

Definition at line 124 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

UShort_t DbiDemoData3::fUU_Short_2 [private]

Definition at line 125 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

UShort_t DbiDemoData3::fUU_Short_3 [private]

Definition at line 126 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

UShort_t DbiDemoData3::fUU_Short_4 [private]

Definition at line 127 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

UShort_t DbiDemoData3::fUS_Short_1 [private]

Definition at line 128 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

UShort_t DbiDemoData3::fUS_Short_2 [private]

Definition at line 129 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

UShort_t DbiDemoData3::fUS_Short_3 [private]

Definition at line 130 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

UShort_t DbiDemoData3::fUS_Short_4 [private]

Definition at line 131 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

Int_t DbiDemoData3::fSS_Int_1 [private]

Definition at line 132 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

Int_t DbiDemoData3::fSS_Int_2 [private]

Definition at line 133 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

Int_t DbiDemoData3::fSS_Int_3 [private]

Definition at line 134 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

Int_t DbiDemoData3::fSS_Int_4 [private]

Definition at line 135 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

UInt_t DbiDemoData3::fUS_Int_1 [private]

Definition at line 136 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

UInt_t DbiDemoData3::fUS_Int_2 [private]

Definition at line 137 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

UInt_t DbiDemoData3::fUS_Int_3 [private]

Definition at line 138 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

UInt_t DbiDemoData3::fUS_Int_4 [private]

Definition at line 139 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

Float_t DbiDemoData3::fFloat_1 [private]

Definition at line 140 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

Float_t DbiDemoData3::fFloat_2 [private]

Definition at line 141 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

Double_t DbiDemoData3::fDouble_1 [private]

Definition at line 142 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

Double_t DbiDemoData3::fDouble_2 [private]

Definition at line 143 of file DbiDemoData3.h.

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