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DybPython::dbcas Namespace Reference


class  DBExc
class  DBCon
class  DBCas
class  Prep
class  DD


 TUrl = gbl.TUrl
 TSQLServer = gbl.TSQLServer
string DBCONF = 'dybdbitest'
string DBCONF_URL = 'mysql://%(host)s/%(database)s_0;mysql://%(host)s/%(database)s_1;mysql://%(host)s/%(database)s_2#$DBITESTROOT/scripts/DemoASCIICatalogue.db'
string DBCONF_USER = '%(user)s'
string DBCONF_PSWD = '%(password)s'
string DBCONF_FIX = '$DBITESTROOT/scripts/prepare_db_0.sql;$DBITESTROOT/scripts/prepare_db_1.sql'
tuple cnf = DBConf()
tuple cas = DBCas(cnf)
tuple tas = cas.spawn()

Detailed Description

Pythonic representation of a DBI cascade, see :ref:`dbi:cascade` , than 
implements spawning of the cascade. Creating a pristine 
cascade that can be populated via fixtures.

Advantages :
  * allows testing to be perfomed in fully controlled/repeatable DB cascade
  * prevents littering production DB with testing detritus

Note such manipulations are not possible with the C++ *DbiCascader* *DbiConnection* 
as these fail to be instanciated if the DB does not exist.

Variable Documentation

Definition at line 17 of file dbcas.py.

DybPython::dbcas::TSQLServer = gbl.TSQLServer

Definition at line 18 of file dbcas.py.

string DybPython::dbcas::DBCONF = 'dybdbitest'

Definition at line 344 of file dbcas.py.

string DybPython::dbcas::DBCONF_URL = 'mysql://%(host)s/%(database)s_0;mysql://%(host)s/%(database)s_1;mysql://%(host)s/%(database)s_2#$DBITESTROOT/scripts/DemoASCIICatalogue.db'

Definition at line 345 of file dbcas.py.

string DybPython::dbcas::DBCONF_USER = '%(user)s'

Definition at line 346 of file dbcas.py.

string DybPython::dbcas::DBCONF_PSWD = '%(password)s'

Definition at line 347 of file dbcas.py.

string DybPython::dbcas::DBCONF_FIX = '$DBITESTROOT/scripts/prepare_db_0.sql;$DBITESTROOT/scripts/prepare_db_1.sql'

Definition at line 348 of file dbcas.py.

tuple DybPython::dbcas::cnf = DBConf()

Definition at line 352 of file dbcas.py.

Definition at line 353 of file dbcas.py.

tuple DybPython::dbcas::tas = cas.spawn()

Definition at line 355 of file dbcas.py.

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