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DybDaq::CalibrationParametersRecord Class Reference

#include <CalibrationParametersRecord.h>

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Public Types

typedef std::pair< const char
*, unsigned int > 
typedef std::vector< OutputBufferOutputBufferList
typedef std::vector
< ByteInspector * > 
typedef std::vector
< BitsInspector * > 

Public Member Functions

 CalibrationParametersRecord (const unsigned int detector, const unsigned int adNumber, const unsigned int sourceA, const unsigned int zPositionA, const unsigned int sourceB, const unsigned int zPositionB, const unsigned int sourceC, const unsigned int zPositionC, const unsigned int led1, const unsigned int led2, const unsigned int led1Voltage, const unsigned int led2Voltage, const unsigned int duration, const unsigned int ledFrequency, const unsigned int ledPulseSeparation, const unsigned int ltbMode, const unsigned int motorPower, const unsigned int cameraPower, const unsigned int ledFlashing, const FileTraits &traits)
 Creates an instance of this class.
 CalibrationParametersRecord (const ByteBuffer &byteBuffer, const FileTraits &traits)
 Creates an instance of this class.
virtual ~CalibrationParametersRecord ()
 Destroys this instance of the class.
virtual bool isMarked (unsigned int marker) const
 Returns true if this object contains the specified marker.
unsigned int detector () const
unsigned int axis () const
unsigned int source () const
unsigned int zPosition () const
unsigned int duration () const
unsigned int ledFrequency () const
unsigned int ltbMode () const
unsigned int adNumber () const
unsigned int led1 () const
unsigned int led2 () const
unsigned int led1Voltage () const
unsigned int led2Voltage () const
unsigned int ledPulseSeparation () const
unsigned int sourceA () const
unsigned int zPositionA () const
unsigned int sourceB () const
unsigned int zPositionB () const
unsigned int sourceC () const
unsigned int zPositionC () const
unsigned int motorPower () const
unsigned int cameraPower () const
unsigned int ledFlashing () const
const FileTraitsfileTraits () const
 Returns the FileTraits instance used to parse this object's buffer.
unsigned int marker () const
 Returns the marker for this FileBuffer.
unsigned int size () const
 Returns the length of this record in 4-byte words.
virtual unsigned int bufferSize () const
 Returns the size, in 4-bytes,, of this object's contents in the buffer.
bool hasDaqTraits () const
virtual const DaqTraitsdaqTraits () const
virtual unsigned int gather (OutputBufferList &outputBuffers) const
virtual unsigned int inspect (DaqBuffer::Bytes &inspectors) const

Static Public Attributes

static const unsigned int kBytesInInt
static const unsigned int kUndefinedFormatComponent

Protected Member Functions

virtual unsigned int formatComponent () const
 Returns the component with the format of this buffer.
void setMarker (const unsigned int marker)
 Sets the marker for this FileBuffer.
void setSize (const unsigned int size)
 Sets the size, in 4-bytes,, of this object's contents in the buffer.
const char * buffer () const
char * buffer ()
bool hasByteBuffer () const
const ByteBufferbyteBuffer () const
unsigned int fillInspectors (DaqBuffer::Bytes &inspectors, unsigned int component, unsigned int cursor) const
virtual bool readBool (const unsigned int field) const
virtual int readInt (const unsigned int field) const
virtual unsigned char readUnsignedChar (const unsigned int field) const
virtual unsigned int readUnsignedInt (const unsigned int field) const
virtual void writeField (const bool value, const unsigned int field)
virtual void writeField (const int value, const unsigned int field)
virtual void writeField (const unsigned int value, const unsigned int field)

Private Member Functions

 CalibrationParametersRecord ()
 Suppress default.
 CalibrationParametersRecord (CalibrationParametersRecord &rhs)
 Suppress default.
CalibrationParametersRecordoperator= (CalibrationParametersRecord &rhs)
 Suppress default.
void setDetector (const unsigned int detector)
void setAxis (const unsigned int axis)
void setSource (const unsigned int source)
void setZPosition (const unsigned int zPosition)
void setDuration (const unsigned int duration)
void setLedFrequency (const unsigned int ledFrequency)
void setLtbMode (const unsigned int ltbMode)
void setAdNumber (const unsigned int adNumber)
void setLed1 (const unsigned int led1)
void setLed2 (const unsigned int led2)
void setLed1Voltage (const unsigned int led1Voltage)
void setLed2Voltage (const unsigned int led2Voltage)
void setLedPulseSeparation (const unsigned int ledPulseSeparation)
void setSourceA (const unsigned int sourceA)
void setZPositionA (const unsigned int zPositionA)
void setSourceB (const unsigned int sourceB)
void setZPositionB (const unsigned int zPositionB)
void setSourceC (const unsigned int sourceC)
void setZPositionC (const unsigned int zPositionC)
void setMotorPower (const unsigned int motorPower)
void setCameraPower (const unsigned int cameraPower)
void setLedFlashing (const unsigned int ledFlashing)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 17 of file CalibrationParametersRecord.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CalibrationParametersRecord::CalibrationParametersRecord ( const unsigned int  detector,
const unsigned int  adNumber,
const unsigned int  sourceA,
const unsigned int  zPositionA,
const unsigned int  sourceB,
const unsigned int  zPositionB,
const unsigned int  sourceC,
const unsigned int  zPositionC,
const unsigned int  led1,
const unsigned int  led2,
const unsigned int  led1Voltage,
const unsigned int  led2Voltage,
const unsigned int  duration,
const unsigned int  ledFrequency,
const unsigned int  ledPulseSeparation,
const unsigned int  ltbMode,
const unsigned int  motorPower,
const unsigned int  cameraPower,
const unsigned int  ledFlashing,
const FileTraits traits 
CalibrationParametersRecord::CalibrationParametersRecord ( const ByteBuffer byteBuffer,
const FileTraits traits 

Creates an instance of this class.

Definition at line 61 of file CalibrationParametersRecord.cc.

                   traits) {
CalibrationParametersRecord::~CalibrationParametersRecord ( ) [virtual]

Destroys this instance of the class.

Definition at line 67 of file CalibrationParametersRecord.cc.

DybDaq::CalibrationParametersRecord::CalibrationParametersRecord ( ) [private]

Suppress default.

DybDaq::CalibrationParametersRecord::CalibrationParametersRecord ( CalibrationParametersRecord rhs) [private]

Suppress default.

Member Function Documentation

bool CalibrationParametersRecord::isMarked ( unsigned int  marker) const [virtual]

Returns true if this object contains the specified marker.

Implements DybDaq::FileBuffer.

Definition at line 70 of file CalibrationParametersRecord.cc.

unsigned int CalibrationParametersRecord::detector ( ) const
unsigned int CalibrationParametersRecord::axis ( ) const
unsigned int CalibrationParametersRecord::source ( ) const
unsigned int CalibrationParametersRecord::zPosition ( ) const
unsigned int CalibrationParametersRecord::duration ( ) const
unsigned int CalibrationParametersRecord::ledFrequency ( ) const
unsigned int CalibrationParametersRecord::ltbMode ( ) const
unsigned int CalibrationParametersRecord::adNumber ( ) const
unsigned int CalibrationParametersRecord::led1 ( ) const
unsigned int CalibrationParametersRecord::led2 ( ) const
unsigned int CalibrationParametersRecord::led1Voltage ( ) const
unsigned int CalibrationParametersRecord::led2Voltage ( ) const
unsigned int CalibrationParametersRecord::ledPulseSeparation ( ) const
unsigned int CalibrationParametersRecord::sourceA ( ) const
unsigned int CalibrationParametersRecord::zPositionA ( ) const
unsigned int CalibrationParametersRecord::sourceB ( ) const
unsigned int CalibrationParametersRecord::zPositionB ( ) const
unsigned int CalibrationParametersRecord::sourceC ( ) const
unsigned int CalibrationParametersRecord::zPositionC ( ) const
unsigned int CalibrationParametersRecord::motorPower ( ) const
unsigned int CalibrationParametersRecord::cameraPower ( ) const
unsigned int CalibrationParametersRecord::ledFlashing ( ) const
unsigned int CalibrationParametersRecord::formatComponent ( ) const [protected, virtual]

Returns the component with the format of this buffer.

Reimplemented from DybDaq::DaqBuffer.

Definition at line 102 of file CalibrationParametersRecord.cc.

CalibrationParametersRecord& DybDaq::CalibrationParametersRecord::operator= ( CalibrationParametersRecord rhs) [private]

Suppress default.

void CalibrationParametersRecord::setDetector ( const unsigned int  detector) [private]
void CalibrationParametersRecord::setAxis ( const unsigned int  axis) [private]
void CalibrationParametersRecord::setSource ( const unsigned int  source) [private]
void CalibrationParametersRecord::setZPosition ( const unsigned int  zPosition) [private]
void CalibrationParametersRecord::setDuration ( const unsigned int  duration) [private]
void CalibrationParametersRecord::setLedFrequency ( const unsigned int  ledFrequency) [private]
void CalibrationParametersRecord::setLtbMode ( const unsigned int  ltbMode) [private]
void CalibrationParametersRecord::setAdNumber ( const unsigned int  adNumber) [private]
void CalibrationParametersRecord::setLed1 ( const unsigned int  led1) [private]
void CalibrationParametersRecord::setLed2 ( const unsigned int  led2) [private]
void CalibrationParametersRecord::setLed1Voltage ( const unsigned int  led1Voltage) [private]
void CalibrationParametersRecord::setLed2Voltage ( const unsigned int  led2Voltage) [private]
void CalibrationParametersRecord::setLedPulseSeparation ( const unsigned int  ledPulseSeparation) [private]
void CalibrationParametersRecord::setSourceA ( const unsigned int  sourceA) [private]
void CalibrationParametersRecord::setZPositionA ( const unsigned int  zPositionA) [private]
void CalibrationParametersRecord::setSourceB ( const unsigned int  sourceB) [private]
void CalibrationParametersRecord::setZPositionB ( const unsigned int  zPositionB) [private]
void CalibrationParametersRecord::setSourceC ( const unsigned int  sourceC) [private]
void CalibrationParametersRecord::setZPositionC ( const unsigned int  zPositionC) [private]
void CalibrationParametersRecord::setMotorPower ( const unsigned int  motorPower) [private]
void CalibrationParametersRecord::setCameraPower ( const unsigned int  cameraPower) [private]
void CalibrationParametersRecord::setLedFlashing ( const unsigned int  ledFlashing) [private]
const FileTraits & FileBuffer::fileTraits ( ) const [inherited]

Returns the FileTraits instance used to parse this object's buffer.

Definition at line 40 of file FileBuffer.cc.

    return dynamic_cast<const FileTraits&>(daqTraits());
unsigned int FileBuffer::marker ( ) const [inherited]

Returns the marker for this FileBuffer.

Definition at line 44 of file FileBuffer.cc.

unsigned int FileBuffer::size ( ) const [inherited]

Returns the length of this record in 4-byte words.

Definition at line 48 of file FileBuffer.cc.

unsigned int FileBuffer::bufferSize ( ) const [virtual, inherited]

Returns the size, in 4-bytes,, of this object's contents in the buffer.

Implements DybDaq::DaqBuffer.

Definition at line 52 of file FileBuffer.cc.

    return size();
void FileBuffer::setMarker ( const unsigned int  marker) [protected, inherited]

Sets the marker for this FileBuffer.

Definition at line 56 of file FileBuffer.cc.

void FileBuffer::setSize ( const unsigned int  size) [protected, inherited]

Sets the size, in 4-bytes,, of this object's contents in the buffer.

Definition at line 61 of file FileBuffer.cc.

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