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Admin Operating Procedures for SVN/Trac/MySQLΒΆ

Date:May 16, 2014

This documentation attempts to provide the practical knowledge needed to perform admin operations required for Dayabay Offline Infrastructure. It is divided into three levels. Implementation details can be skimmed until you need to know and Reference skipped until arriving by search.


  1. Tasks Summary
  2. Backups Overview
  3. Monitoring
  4. DbiMonitor package : cron invoked nosetests
  5. Env Repository : Admin Infrastructure Sources

Implementation details and troubleshooting:

  1. Trac+SVN backup/transfer
  2. SSH Setup For Automated transfers
  3. Offline DB Backup
  4. DBSVN : dybaux SVN pre-commit hook


  1. Bitten Debugging
  2. MySQL DB Repair


Implementation details and troubleshooting:


About the AOP

The AOP is sourced from reStructuredText in dybgaudi:Documentation/OfflineUserManual/tex/aop, and html and pdf versions are derived as part of the automated Offline User Manual build. For help with building see Build Instructions for Sphinx based documentation