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Dayabay Sphinx Extensions

Sphinx extensions allow arbitary rst generating python to be performed on building the documentation. Allowing documentation or other output to be dynamically generated.

Table Doc Directive

Invoking the tabledoc directive (from OfflineUserManual.sphinxext.tabledoc) with dbconf (section name in ~/.my.cnf) and tablename arguments:

.. tabledoc:: offline_db LOCALSEQNO

Performs a live DB description lookup and converts the MySQL-python output into an rst table.

This is configured in the Sphinx conf.py with:

extensions += [ 'OfflineUserManual.sphinxext.tabledoc' ]

Further details in extensions

DBI Validity Record

Invoke directive with:

.. dbivld:: tmp_offline_db Demo 1,10

Yielding a table:

DBI Context Query

Invoke directive with:

.. dbictx:: tmp_offline_db Demo
   :site: 127
   :simflag: 1
   :task: 0
   :subsite: 0

Yielding table:

DBI Validity Lookup Table

Invoke directive with:

.. dbivlut:: tmp_offline_db Demo