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Publishing Documentation on Separate Webserver

Configure Target

Snippet from ~/.dybinstrc:


The sphinx_vpy configures the location of the virtual python in which Sphinx and dependencies are installed. The presence of sphinx_pub causes the generated html to be rsynced to the target node directory specified.

The example sphinx_pub assumes a C host alias in the ~/.ssh/config:

host C
    user blyth
    hostname target.node.domain
    protocol 2

Test Dybinst build

Test interactively with:

./dybinst trunk docs sphinx

If that pauses for password entry then passwordless SSH is not configured and/or an ssh-agent is not running. See env:wiki:PasswordLessSSH


ssh-agent must be manually restarted after rebooting the slave node to avoid slave hangs

Doxygen Publishing

In a similar manner the dox documentation derived by doxygen can be published to another node with


To debug doxygen building, test interactively with:

./dybinst trunk docs doxyman

Implemented with dybsvn:r11922, issues with doxygen docs discussed in dybsvn:ticket:655