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Running Tests Using dybinst

Informing dybinst about tests

Lists of CMT packages containing tests are configured in installation:dybinst/scripts/dybinst-common.sh,

dyb_tests_djaffe="dybalg mdc10b fmcp11a"
dyb_tests_jetter="elecsim digitizealg"
# add tests here under alias corresponding to your svn username

dyb_tests_db_conditional="dbitest dybdbitest dybdbi"   ## conditional on DBCONF sections named after pkgs
dyb_tests_default="gaudimessages gentools rootiotest simhistsexample dbivalidate $dyb_tests_djaffe $dyb_tests_jetter $dyb_tests_db_conditional"
dyb_tests_suspects="gentools rootiotest mdc10b"

dyb_tests_db="daqruninfosvc dbidatasvc dbirawdatafilesvc"
dyb_tests_all="$dyb_tests_default $dyb_tests_db dethelpers conventions gendecay"

# these sets define the content of the bitten-slave recipes for configs "dybinst" and "detdesc"

with variables of form dyb_tests_<alias> where the alias names djaffe, jetter, suspects, all can be used to refer to the lists of packages. This allows sets of packages to be run with for example:

./dybinst trunk tests jetter
./dybinst trunk tests djaffe
./dybinst trunk tests db
./dybinst trunk tests db_conditional

No argument corresponds to the default alias, which runs the tests of most of the packages:

./dybinst trunk tests

Getting the slaves to auto run package tests

The bitten-slave follow xml recipes that specify build and test steps to perform. To add tests to the standard set run by the slaves requires these xml recipes to be updated and committed to dybsvn. After modifying installation:dybinst/scripts/dybinst-common.sh generate updated bitten-slave xml recipes using commands:

./dybinst trunk tests recipe:dybinst
./dybinst trunk tests recipe:opt.dybinst

cd installation/trunk/dybinst/scripts
svn ci -m "update the slave recipes to include tests for mypkga, mypkgb under the alias mysvnusername "    ## informative commit message

After auto builds have been performed the status of the added test steps run on all the slaves can be seen through the web interface at build:dybinst and build:opt.dybinst.