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Standard Operating ProceduresΒΆ

Date:May 16, 2014

This documentation attempts to provide the practical knowledge needed to perform database operations. Inner details of how DBI works and conceptual background are not covered, these are available at Database Interface. A very brief description of some DBI conventions is provided in DBI Very Briefly.

The description of DB operations are divided into sections:

  1. DB Definitions to facilitate communication
  2. DBI Very Briefly
  3. Rules for Code that writes to the Database
  4. Configuring DB Access
  5. DB Table Updating Workflow
  6. Table Specific Instructions Special instructions for some tables
  7. DB Table Writing
  8. DB Table Reading
  9. Debugging unexpected parameters
  10. DB Table Creation
  11. DB Validation
  12. DB Testing
  13. DB Administration
  14. Custom DB Operations
  15. DB Services
  16. DCS tables grouped/ordered by schema
  17. Non DBI access to DBI and other tables
  18. Scraping source databases into offline_db
  19. DBI Internals
  20. DBI Overlay Versioning Bug

Detailed table of contents:

About the SOP

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