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DB Services

User Interfaces to DBI Data

To a large degree the low level access to DBI tables is shielded from users by the service layer. The intention is to isolate changes in the underlying DBI tables from user analysis code. From the user’s perspective, a series of Interfaces are defined:

Interface Description
ICableSvc Cable mapping
ICalibDataSvc Calibration parameters
ISimDataSvc PMT/Electronics input parameters for simulation
IJobInfoSvc NuWa Job Information
IDaqRunInfoSvc DAQ Run information

These interfaces are defined in dybgaudi:DataModel/DataSvc/DataSvc

digraph tableinterface {
 pad=0.6 ;
 rankdir="LR" ;

 subgraph clustertable {
    style = "filled" ;

        CalibFeeSpec  ;
        CalibPmtSpec  ;
        FeeCableMap  ;
        SimPmtSpec ;
        DaqCalibRunInfo ;
        DaqRawDataFileInfo ;
        DaqRunInfo ;
        DcsAdTemp  ;
        DcsPmtHv ;

    label = "DBI Tables" ;

subgraph clusterinterface {
    style = "filled" ;

        ICableSvc ;
        ICalibDataSvc ;
        ISimDataSvc ;
        IJobInfoSvc ;
        IDaqRunInfoSvc ;

    label = "Service Interface" ;

 FeeCableMap -> ICableSvc ;
 SimPmtSpec -> ISimDataSvc ;
 CalibPmtSpec -> ICalibDataSvc ;
 DaqCalibRunInfo -> IDaqRunInfoSvc;
 DaqRunInfo -> IDaqRunInfoSvc ;
 DaqRawDataFileInfo -> IDaqRunInfoSvc ;

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Tables which are Missing something

Table DBI service DBI Writer
CalibFeeSpec NO  
SimPmtSpec   NO