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Installation and Working with the Source Code

Installing a Release

  1. Download dybinst [1].
  2. Run it: ./dybinst RELEASE all

The RELEASE string is trunk to get the latest software or X.Y.Z for a numbered release. The wiki topic wiki:Category:Offline_Software_Releases documents avilable releases.

Using an existing release

The easiest way to get started is to use a release of the software that someone else has compiled for you. Each cluster maintains a prebuilt release that you can just use. See the wiki topic wiki:Getting_Started_With_Offline_Software for details.


A project is a directory with a cmt/project.cmt file. Projects are located by the CMTPROJECTPATH environment variable. This variable is initialized to point at a released set of projects by running:

shell> cd /path/to/NuWa-RELEASE
bash> source setup.sh
tcsh> source setup.csh

Any directories holding your own projects should then be prepended to this colon (”:”) separated CMTPROJECTPATH variable.


A package is a directory with a cmt/requirements file. Packages are located by the CMTPATH environment variable which is automatically set for you based on CMTPROJECTPATH. You should not set it by hand.


Every package has a setup script that will modify your environment as needed. For example:

shell> cd /path/to/NuWa-RELEASE/dybgaudi/DybRelease/cmt/
shell> cmt config  # needed only if no setup.* scripts exist
bash> source setup.sh
tcsh> source setup.csh